[ Activate your highest power with the 9 gems planet stone set by Master Tham]

According to Master Tham, the position of all nine planets in the horoscope of a person holds the paramount importance in Thai astrology. The life of a living creature is immensely affected by the placement of these planets in their horoscope.
Fortunately, if all of they have been well-settled in the horoscope or birth chart of an individual will enable him/her to achieve great heights in their life both physically and mentally. Despite this, unfortunately, if these planets set in the wrong or malicious houses will lead a person to suffer severe afflictions. The Special gemstones possess paramount importance to offset the ill- planets effect.

Gemstones are acknowledged to be an effective weapon to ward-off against planetary affliction.
Each gemstone contains an enchanting magical property which penetrates in-depth to exhaustively analysis an individual at both physically and mentally.

Usually, there are nine planets and each planet is affiliated with different colour gemstones and possesses unique healing properties to perform remedies astrologically.
Master Tham had obtained the high grade stones and filled it with 9 different colours inside the tube casing during auspicious day and timing.

The 9 planets gem stone set can be use for remedies to offset all bad effect planets and enhance the good effect all the positive planets for improvement in all aspects of your life’s ( health, wealth, windfall, attraction and achievement).
The 9 special high grade gem stones represent all the planets and are specially blessed by Master Tham.

As per astrological predictions, this is the best amulet to wear for overcome all problems and obstacles in your life’s and the path to seek for higher achievement.

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