Below are the lists of satisfied clients who had seek help from Master Tham and had gotten extremely good feedbacks and effects.

(Some testimonials are taken from screenshots from whatsapp, facebook and sms and contacts are covered to protect the identity of the clients)


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Testimonial of client who had strike first prize lottery after getting an astrology reading.

” Thank you master Tham, I have strike first prize in lottery last Sunday after getting an astrology forecast from you. My luck had turned for the better and my job is more stable now. Thanks a lot for your kind advise and guidance. Will recommend you to my friends and family members.” – Gary





Testimonial of client who had strike small lottery after getting an astrology reading.

” Dear master tham. Finally I strike today on 1150 starters. Though the winning is not much but thanks to your bazi reading you did for me in Feb. Hope u can post this on your Facebook page. Thank you once again.” – Mr Lee



(DJ Jade Rasif Testimonials)



Last few years, life had been a struggle and I face many badstabbers and conflict at work. Luck has been really down till i found master tham who had advise me and recommended ways to improve my luck and solving all the conflict problems at work. I’m happy to say that now my life had improve for the better and i feel more positive about my life. Just last week i had strike a small amount of lottery 4d also. I highly recommended any people who faced problems and needed their life to improve to visit master tham. He will be able to guide you in the directions you desire to go.

– Mr Goh



Master tham is spot on for answering many of my personal life events which had happened in my life and he had advise me from his expertise to help me further enhance and development of my current business. My luck seem to have improve for the better. Thank you so much for your help and advise Master Tham.

– Diana ( Lebanon, middle east)

– Sanjay ( England)



Thank you Master Tham for your incredibly insightful reading. I was so blown away. From the astrology session, i can tell you are a professional  and intuitive astrologer, i feel much better and more at ease by all these things that have been going on in my chart.  Very grateful for your clear and thoughtful explanations. Thanks again.

Mr Koh 

imageThis gift hamper was given to Master Tham as he had advise me about my wealth luck during astrology consultation and i  had won lottery twice in the period of Jan 2016. I felt more luckier now and i truely believe that master tham can help everybody to improve in their lifes.

Mr Teo



Fengshui testimonials from  satisfied clients

Before moving in to our new house, i decided to engage master tham to see fengshui for our new home.

Master tham asked us in advance for a scale floor plan of our new home, which we provided, along with our dates of birth. What we both found very helpful was his interpretation of our Stars using thai astrology. It was enormously helpful in understanding where we were in terms of our career at that time and what the possibilities looked like.

Using the Luo Pan compass and xuan kong formulas, Master tham was able to spot the bad areas qi and good supporting qi in the house. He also suggested what colour concept to use for the bedroom and overall living room to increase the luck of the people and the whole environment. He also discovered the construction of the building outside the house that was affecting the qi coming in from the windows which he taught us the remedies to overcome the shar qi. Master tham also advise what god to pray in the house and ways to offered it for best wealth fetching purposes in the house. He was expert in his field and had help me to set up the altar for praying in my new home.

Since his first visit, my house qi and environment improve for the better and my career is going from strength to strength and we love our new home. Master tham is amazingly caring, professional and very reliable. It is always good to know that he is there at the end of the phone if we ever need advice. Highly recommended to anyone who need fengshui consultation for the home or business premises.

—– Mr Puah


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Fengshui testimonials from  clients in Hongkong

I got to know Master Tham from a friend recommendation in Hongkong. I decided to fly him over from Singapore to Hongkong for doing a Fengshui audit for my company as my company have not been doing well for over the past years. The first impression when i met Master tham, I felt an amazing energy, connection and vibe from him. He is very professional and well verse in his Fengshui skill and knowledge. He is able to feel the vibe of my company and pin out the recent problems that i have been facing and the main reason that causes it to happen. It was fascinating. He suggested many good ways to change the energy of the office environment using flying star enhancement method and clearing of old negative earth energy. After doing the suggested changes, the improvement was noticeable right away; the office energy felt better immediately. The atmosphere is relaxed, my office staffs are more happy and they feel calm, more steady, less anxious or stressed out.

Shortly after a few days, those business deal that was put on hold and delayed, started to come in and profit rolled in.  My business completely picked up.

The results are a much better work atmosphere, more relaxed  and definitely less fatigue then before.

I highly recommend on Master tham  to anyone looking for a traditional feng shui consultation for their home or office.

 – Mr Roy

Hongkong   ( Trace Technology Company limited)
























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