Thai astrology can decode the Wealth financial Code – the timing & method to make the material & financial gains for an individual base on his astrology chart. Through years of research studies from thousands of charts, Master Tham can analyse your wealth accumulation power and the timing when your Wealth financial Code gets activated.… Read More

12 chinese zodiac astrology Prediction for 2018 by Master Tham   Welcome with grace the year of the dog for the new year 2018. This is the year of the male earth dog. The Chinese New Year 2018 of the earth dog will start on the first lunar month on Feb 16, 2018. Based on… Read More

  [ Activate your highest power with the 9 gems planet stone set by Master Tham] According to Master Tham, the position of all nine planets in the horoscope of a person holds the paramount importance in Thai astrology. The life of a living creature is immensely affected by the placement of these planets in… Read More

    Charity event with Master Tham/ Edmund Chen for family fun fiesta 2017 Spent a great morning with Edmund Chen at downtown east for presenting the my little red dot book and ntuc vouchers to winners of the most beautiful art drawing piece samples.( The art piece which I was feature and coloured inside… Read More

  Fengshui can be applied to all races and religion Done a fengshui audit for an indian family today. This is not the first case as i have done fengshui for Americans , Indian , Eurasian muslim and even catholic family before. This shows that fengshui can be applied to all home and living/ working… Read More

  Master Tham, the specialist subject of Thai astrology  which he had learned and study the art for many years under the great Archan patana who had groom many great astrologer in Thailand including the great Archan lak funtong. Master Tham is able to see your Past, Present and your Future. Sometimes you will really need a… Read More

Your road to your destiny begins here.     Astrology using the ancient Thai magical subject of using the heavenly cards to derive your life answers and destination. Sometimes you just want a simple, straight-forward answer instead of endless predictions on who, what, where, when, and why. When you demand a quick “Yes” or “No”… Read More

  Thank you EARTH Interior Design for having me last night at your Dinner n Dance event. It was a pleasure to be invited to share with everyone on the tips of life and fengshui wisdom. Congratulations to all EARTH ID directors and members, it is with my utmost happiness seeing your achievements shown with… Read More