Event Forecast Using Leafs

Thai astrology event forecast using leafs is an ancient art of fortune reading from Cambodia. Master tham was taught this art of forecast event from the great Archan em in udon tani. Just by reading from the leafs, master tham is able to predict the soul’s future events in the heart of the leafs.

It is an exceptionally unique and amazing art that combines time and spatial dimensions to help you achieve good luck and the most appropriate outcome directions to take for your desired outcome.


Leafs forecast astrology can be used for the following day-to-day matters:

  • Scoring in Examinations
  • Court Case
  • Sales Pitch
  • Seeking Medical Treatment
  • Negotiation on Contracts
  • Collecting Outstanding Payments from Debtor
  • Marriage or Love Proposal
  • Escape from Stalker
  • Weather Prediction
  • Convincing Difficult Client
  • Meeting Angel Investor
  • Games and Competitions
  • Job interviews
  • Changing of job
  • Overseas traveling success
  • Current luck cycle for the year

Leafs astrology is an high level study of art and will be based on six sense clairvoyance from higher gods.

You will discover a lot of truths, and will encounter a lot of surprises. You are fated to know secrets. You were born into this world to know to know the truth.

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