Fengshui consultation for personal home, moving to a new house, office and business environment.


Fengshui reading

( Online consultation also available for overseas client )

Benefit of Master Tham feng shui consultation services:

  • Calculate and ascertain the Destiny 宅命 of your Home – positive or negative.
  • Identify the water theory ( 三合水法)whether incoming water and outgoing water are auspicious or not.
  • Customised Birth Profile (八字) 4 pillar feng shui luck for tenants and occupants. Found out most favorable element, colour and direction.
  • A detailed soft copy of the report with pictures for your record after audit
  • Identify the bad directions and bad sectors of your house and the remedy for it.
  • Identify all the shar qi surrounding your house environment and how to cure / prevent it.
  • Annual Boost/Cures for Wealth / Networking / Relationship / Exam for rapid results if necessary
  • Understand future Annual feng shui flying star forecast in a more detailed manner. Things to take note and how to boost the good sector for annual star.
  • Enhancement and major improvement on family’s health 保健, “no health no wealth principle”
  • Improve family’s harmony and relationships
  • Identify Home Destiny most powerful wealth 财位 sector and activate it
  • Establish the Career 催官 sector and amplify it
  • Locate the networking 桃花 / 人缘 sector and enhance it ( suitable for enhancement of marriage luck or those single seeking for soulmate)
  • Determine the Education 文昌 sectors for individual kid’s study spot and your examination luck.
  • How to arrange your entire household furniture/fittings 阴阳动静 虚实明暗法
  • Select Auspicious Dates to Shift in and Renovate
  • Enhance the aura of your house to feel the positive vibe coming in your house or office.
  • What fengshui item to be placed and what item to be remove. ( Too many extra item will cause disruption of the energy vibe)

Some of the common principles that master tham apply are Xuan Kong flying star, San He, Ba Zai and other classical feng shui teachings.

Feng Shui on-site Audit

INFO REQUIRED (One day before on -site audit)

  • Size (area) of the house e.g. Landed properties-land area/built up
  • Home Address
  • Type: HDB or Condo please indicate the type e.g. HDB EA or Condo 3-bedroom and for Landed properties please indicate the number of floor levels
  • Number of Permanent Occupant
  • Contact mobile number

Booking of Appointments are needed one week in advance and a confirmation will be informed by sms , watsapp or phone call.





  • Birth dates (including time) of Family members – English Calendar ,stating the Name and relationship.
  • Floor Plan – ONLY scan copies of jpg, png, bmp, tiff OR PDF. It will be best if it is a original photocopy of the floor plan.


A comprehensive reports will be provided  after the audit which will contain the following:

– Flying star “Xuan Kong” analysis report on your home.

– Eight mansions (Ba Zhai) analysis.

– 9 annual flying star analysis.

– Which direction you and your family members should sleep.

– Which direction you and your family members should face when working

– Your true personal element

– Your favourable/unfavourable elements and colours

– Your house Trigram

– Use of the “Five Elements” in your home.

– Advice on how to activate your wealth, health, career, fame and romance sectors.

– Where to place a water feature for wealth.

– Where to place your position of altar for praying of heavenly gods.

– How to rectify a missing corner if you have one.
Master Tham will accurately determine the centre of your home and give true compass bearings of each sector of the house.


Online consultation for overseas client

Special cases for client who resides in other countries, floor plan and detail direction and an online assessment will be done through email, skype or watsapp.

Material needed:

  • Floor plan scan copy
  • 8 direction of house ( will be taught how to take)
  • particulars of each tenant in house or office.

Please email or contact us and submit all information to us,  allowed 14 days to complete the analysis for your overseas houses.

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