Choosing an auspicious date for events


An auspicious day in Thai astrology calendar is as important as a good birth profile of the person, event or shops. Thus the choice of selecting a “Good day and time” to be in unison with the Year and Month is of paramount importance!

A good time to carry out the events example like opening of a business venture will determine the luck and fate of the overall business.

The Day and Time selected should not have any conflicts and bad star in the malefic house or to ensure that the collaboration and combination of planets is not bad. Some of the bad effects of these clashes or alliances are problematic marriage leading to divorce, poor health, bad luck, limited talents, unacceptable personality etc and for shop is poor business profit and income.

As such, it is very important to choose the correct time and day for starting an important occasion.

Choosing of auspicious date or day for the following events:

  • Moving into a new house
  • Position of religious statue
  • Starting and opening of business retail shop or building
  • Good auspicious marriage date
  • Good auspicious caesarean birth of baby
  • Good time for renovation of house
  • Or simply an important occasion in your life


Choose a personalised date selections for the following events:

  • Marriage
  • Business opening
  • Signing contract
  • Moving house or office
  • Ground Breaking
  • Start of renovtion
  • Carsarean birth
  • Operation at hospital

A total of two dates and times will be chosen at any time.

Information needed:

1)Please provide us the date range which you wish to carry out your event or task

2)  Your personal Date and time of birth

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Payment Procedure

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