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12 chinese zodiac astrology Prediction for 2016

by Master Tham

Welcome to the year 2016 , 2016 is the Chinese Year of the Monkey. This year belongs to the element Fire. Based on the stars movement in the sky, Master Tham had predicted about your health, wealth, love, career and much more in 2016 for the 12 chinese zodiac.


Year of the Rat

Year:  (1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)
For those born in the year of the rat,the monkey year is under the element 申金 (Gold). For rat is 子水(water).  For both combination, this will be the year where gold monkey will give birth to the water rat.  This will helpful for increasing the luck and enjoy fame and wealth for the year 2016.
There will be 3 auspicious star that will be beneifical to you. The stars are Three stages (三台), Great mark (唐符) and general star (将星).  Three stages (三台)star are the most highly beneficial star for good career advancement and recognition for their talents. The other two auspicious stars also act on to enhance and achieve success in your working life.
There will also be three inauspicious stars, flying mark (飞符),Authority mark (官符) and Five demons (五鬼)。Having the stars Authority mark (官符) and Five demons (五鬼), you must not be guarantor for other people for lending money as this will cause you to be in debts and have legal disputes. You must be extra careful while handling or signing any legal documents.
Overall this year,
Wealth luck:  You will be able to have beneifical people come into your life which will help you in your career or business to generate money.Unfortunately , there are no good wealth star that will help you in wealth. You will be able to make money but you will also spend it all away. You must do a thorough background check and think carefully before making any investments.
Career luck:  You  will have an enjoyable working life in your career due to the help from the auspicious stars. Be expected to have salary increment and promotion.
Love luck: You will be preoccupied with your career this year and will not be bother about any love affairs. Due to the five demon star, do not trust rumors easily especially if you are attached or married.

Love luck:  You will be preoccupied with your career this year and will not be bother about any love affairs. Due to the five demon star, do not trust rumors easily especially if you are attached or married.
Health luck:  No major problems for health this year. For old people, must be careful about breathing, lungs and kidney. It will be good to exercise and eat a balanced diet.


Year of the Ox

Year:  (1937、1949、1961、1973、1985、1997、2009)

This will be a good year for the Ox. Many good opportunites will come and you will have good potential to grow for this year. The auspicious star kingdom seal (国印)will provide you with beneifical people to help in your career.Heavenly happiness(天喜)star will have good events happened in your life, for example, promotion or getting married. Moon virtue (月德)star will prevent the three auspicious star like Death mark (死符),minor waste (小耗)and saddle star (扳鞍) from causing harm to you.Although you are protected by the auspicious stars, you must be careful about your speech as it will offend people to become your enemies.

Overall this year,
Wealth luck:  There will be many new ventures for investments this year and you will get some good return in your investments. For business, work hard to manage your business and use your good rapport with people to gain good profits.
Career luck:  The three auspicious star will help in getting good beneifical people at work especially your senior and bossess. You will experience good luck and good opportunites for promotion in your work.
Love luck:   Due to two auspicious star, heavenly happiness and moon virtue, you will have a stable relationship. For singles, you will met your soulmates and for people who are attached, this will be a good year to get married.
Health luck:  This year health will not be so favourable.  You will need to pay attention to your stomach, intestines, and skin condition. For old peope , you should avoid doing intense exercise and reduce high cholesterol food.



Year of the Tiger

Year: (1938、1950、1962、1974、1986、1998、2010)

For those born in the year of the tiger, you are directly clashing with the taisui or the grand duke. For monkey and tiger is direct clash this year. In the year of the monkey, there will be many inasupicious star that will affect the luck and destiny of the tiger. You will will have a lot of blocking progress at work and damages casue by bad stabbers. Inauspicious star major waste (大耗)will affect the money luck and cause loses.  It will be advisable to not go gambling at casino and avoid investment that require huge sum of money. Turmoil Star(浮沉) will create obstacles in your life and also blood knife (血刀)will cause accident while travellingAuspicious star travelling horse   (驛马)will require you to travel a lot this year, but you must be careful about accident.Star Heavenly solution (天解)  is also another auspicious star that will lessen the effect of all the negative influences from inauspicious star. Therefore, this year you must abide by the law , always stay low-key, and properly handle the various relationships in life. When dealing with matters related to investment and signing document, you must be careful  as it will bring you financial loses. It is advisable to pray to the god taisui this year.
Wealth luck: Due to influences from taisui, the tiger whole fortune will become more unstable and vulnerable to be deceive by others . Avoid big investment for businessmen so as not to lose everything. Also this year in terms of business cooperation , try to avoid the zodiac snake and monkey people.

Career luck:  You need to be careful this year regarding your work as it will attract bad stabbers to your life.  Avoid making big changes in your company or business. Stay low profile.

Love luck:  In the new year, whether married or attached zodiac tiger, you are required to pay attention to your relations with the opposite sex.  Married person should pay attention to the occurrence of divorce. Be careful to maintain your wife/husband emotions, avoid a war of words to win and to avoid the pain of separation from them .  Also at work, you should pay attention and keep a distance between the opposite sex bosses or colleagues in order to avoid a ” Taohua Jie .”
Health luck:  Due to inasupicious star Blood knife, you need to be careful to prevent any accident from happening.This year health will not be good and you should pay attention to your eyes, respiratory tract , heart, liver, gallbladder, lung  and kidney.

Year of the Rabbit

Year: (1939、1951、1963、1975、1987、1999、2011)

This year rabbit will enjoy splendid fortune. With the help of two auspicious star, the imperial purple (紫微) and dragon virtue(龙徳), your luck will be enhance and there will be people that will provide you with a helping hand in the time of need.  During the Year of the Monkey, the rabbit who will have more development and prosperous fortune. You must be careful of the inauspicious star , heaven holder(擎天), heavenly disaster (天厄)and violet failure (暴敗) that will affect your relationship and experience accident and difficulties. In terms of exchanges and cooperation with others , the rabbit must make compromises or otherwise they will make matters worse , which will make the business development become difficult.

Wealth luck:  Due to the auspicious stars, this will be a Positive finacial year , you will have windfall but must be extra cautious regarding  finance and investment. Also pay attention to avoid cooperation with the zodiac rat, dragon , chicken people for investment and business as they will cause damages , trouble or even conflict.
Career luck:  Overall career luck is good and there will be many external help from people. Although work is smooth,it will be good to remind as down to earth and humble. You must pay extra attention to improve on the superior-subordinate relationship.
Love luck:  This year will be a good year for singles as they will be able to find their soulmates this year. For married couples, their relationship will be smooth sailing and even more intimate.
Health luck: Due to the inasupicious stars, elder people health will be bad for this year.  You must pay more attention to a healthy diet and have adequate exercise . In addition , this year you must pay special attention to the liver, gallbladder , nervous system and having physical aspects of injury. You are advised to take good care of your health.


Year of the Dragon

Year: :(1940、1952、1964、1976、1988、2000、2012)
For the zodiac dragon ,you will face many inauspicious stars this year and the only asupicious star will not be able to offset much of the negative effects. In the year of the monkey, the auspicious star flower umbrella (華蓋) will bring good luck for work this year and you have  the opportunity to upgrade the current post.  Work to comply with good fortune will ensure a successful career future. However inauspicious star like Major waste (大煞) and yellow flag (黃旛), flying sickle (飞廉) and white tiger (白虎) will cause financial problems and many health issues.  You must maintain good connections around and to avoid conflict with others as they will causes disputes that will affect your mood and life.

Wealth luck:  Due to the auspicious star Flower Umbrella, you can get the help of others for career development related to wealth . But due to the many inauspicious stars will malefic the effects that will cause moral individual emotional instability and also events  related to wealth loss.  Money relating to investment , cooperation , contract -related the matter shall be more vigilant, stay clear mind and do thorough research. For business owners, you should caution your business development model , execute a good plan to cut expenditure. To acquire property or do the long term financial investment are a good choice.

Career luck:  This year you will have good career opportunity and the chance for job promotion will increase. At work be sure to work conscientious , and avoid being arrogance as you may get involved in unnecessary disputes with others. Remember to seize the opportunity and enjoy the harvest for work this year.
Love luck:  Love luck this year is mediocre. So for those who are married , this year is a good family relationship test for the year.  You should pay attention to figure out a good relationship with the opposite sex, marital hard work and careful maintenance to avoid disputes in the family.  In addition , beware of rumors that will destroy a good relationship.
Health luck:  For the zodiac dragon, this year inauspicious stars will cause some disturbances in terms of health. You should pay more attention to the stomach, lungs , respiratory system and bones aspect.

Year of the snake

Year: (1941、1953、1965、1977、1989、2001、2013)
This year the snake will have indirect conflict with the taisui, but thanks to the auspicious star , heavenly virtue(天德), luck star (福星)and fortune merit(祿勳) you will enjoy good career advancement. Love life is also smooth sailing for this year. Snake people for this year will face a lot of difficulties resistance , mainly due from within, so pay attention to solve the internal personnel disputes and other interference , try to keep a good realtionship around colleagues and collaboratorsn at work.
There are four inauspicious stars which are crossing posion(绞煞), mourning star(披麻), rolled tongue(卷舌) and disaster poison(劫煞). These are minor stars which will be offset by the auspicious star this year. Overall fortune has improved considerably in the second half of the year, if you can find allies to support you in your business or work. Most importantly you must keep the faith  and  never give up. It is advisable to pray to the god taisui this year.

Wealth luck:  Due to the auspicious star, your wealth luck is good this year. But the indirect conflict with taisui will affect financial losses due to friends or partners. Regardless of investment, cooperation or lending must be extremely careful to prevent any money disputes.
Career luck:  In career, zodiac snake will act the best to do things low profile and be careful that there will be badstabbers who framed you. In a leadership position in this year, if you can contribute more , you will get unexpected results at work.  Do something good to repay the society , and you will get good returns .
Love luck:   The auspicious stars make you enjoy reasonably good fortune in your relationship. Singles will have a number of people be attracted to you. For married couples, this year should pay more attention to communicate with each other , have mutual concern and understand each other ‘s point of view for solving the  problem to maintain a more stable , harmonious and happy life .
Health luck:  Zodiac snake should pay attention to eating healthy food and pay special attention to health care, especially the lungs and respiratory system. In addition , this year you must prevent events such as surgery , bruises , burns and sports injuries.  Stay alert while handling sharp tools or operate heavy machines.


Year of the horse

Year:  (1942、1954、1966、1978、1990、2002、2014)
In this year, the horse will not have any auspicious stars to support the luck so this year horse people must careful and alert. In general, the four inauspicious star that will cause problems in your life are disaster bane(災煞), heavenly dog (天狗),Yang dagger (陽刀) and mourner star(吊客) , this year will face problem and heavy catastrophe. So this year you will not fared well. In all aspects you should be cautious, especially paying attention to prevention bad stabbers and avoid being trapped for extortion. Investment, this year must be extra careful as you will get into a loss situation. In health, poor physical condition and easy to get sick.
This Year you will need to stay low profile and learn to substantiate yourself and be prepare for better years to come.
Wealth luck:  For the horse, when doing investment , you must be extra careful. Even in seemingly good opportunities, you will still need to think twice. This year will be best to reduce expenses.  This year, also try to avoid to cooperate with zodiac rat, ox people as you will easily make losses, even bankruptcy and unhappy situation.  Avoid lending your money to people and refrain from becoming a loan guarantee.

Career luck:  This year at work, be sure to pay attention to deal with the relationship between colleague and superiors . In addition , when working, stay down to earth to avoid dispute with people. In the business process, avoid risky investment or company reform.
Love luck:  For year 2016, whether married or unmarried , this year will face greater challenges.  Marriage couples need more attention to maintain and cherish the good feelings between the two sides. If not handled properly , is likely to quarrel or be separated.  Regardless of what happened, control your temper would be the best solution.
Health luck:  In 2016 , the health are not too favorable. You must pay more attention to your diet  and have adequate exercise . Also pay attention to the heart, respiratory and nervous system. You will also be more accident prone this year and you might experience sudden illness.

Year of the Goat

Year: (1943、1955、1967、1979、1991、2003、2015)
After a bumpy year, the situation turns for the better this year. For this year the goat will receive superior leadership attention and ability to sweep away all adverse fortune . There will be the auspicious star Red phoenix (红鸞) that will improve greatly in your love life and relationship with people. The three inauspiciouss star mainly the illness mark(病符), stranger( 陌越 ) and heavenly bane(天煞)will cause misfortune.  Zodiac sheep must calmly deal with work.  Also this year the goat will get sick easily , so is recommended to get a professional medical health check. This year has been “red phoenix” star, single people are also expected to find another favorite half and is expected to form a happy marriage. For both men and women married, beware of the negative impact of the “red phoenix”, pay attention to the communciation with the opposite sex, to prevent the falling into a triangular relationship.  As for stranger star, you will feel lonely, so it will be good to communication with your partners and friends to maintain a good relationship.  Overall speaking, the sheep have the opportunity to show their ability, experience and wisdom in their work life.
Wealth luck:   Enter 2016 , zodiac sheep will enjoy a prosperous and good year. This year is suitable for investment and entrepreneurial in business. You can look for the opportunity through your connections with people, to be able to success in business and make plenty of money. November and December is not suitable for large investments, and you need to careful when selecting your partners. Try to avoid partnership with the Year of the rat, ox and dog person to prevent losses.
Career luck:  This is a very productive year. For Career you will get guidance and help from superiors. For salaried emplyees, your talent and contribution will be evaluated and you may get increment and promotion. For business owner, you will get benefit from people of good will around this year.
Love luck:  The asupicious star red Phoneix will enhance all aspects of relationship in life. Single will be able to find their soulmate this year. Married couples will have a smooth sailing and intimate relationship.
Health luck:  This year due to the illness star, you need to be beware of symptoms of illness, especially those related to digestive and respiratory systems. When you face emotional instability, you can do some exercise to relieve stress , such as yoga , tai chi , etc. You may also company your family or friends to travel out and get some fresh air  or doing outdoor sports, close to nature in order to increase positive energy.



Year of the monkey

Year: ( 1944、1956、1968、1980、1992、2004, 2016)
For the year of the monkey, you will be clashing with the taisui. This will be the year to remain calm and put in more hard work. Although there are many difficulties that will hindered your development, the auspicious star, the scholar star (文昌) and year ruler (歲駕 )will boost your career performance. The inauspicious stars, hidden corpose(伏屍), pointed back(指背) and sword edge (劍鋒) will cause monetary losses and accidents to your life. This year for the zodiac monkey is not very favorable in terms of fortune and the ability to carry out big task. This year you will suddenly lost a friendship, resulting in the original good relationship  to suddenly turn cold.  In addition , this year you are  easily impulsive, have self temperament , irritability, insomnia , stress and difficult to control your emotion. It is advisable to pray to the god taisui this year.

Wealth luck:  This year wealth luck  income may suddenly inexplicably reduced. For traders , this year’s fortunes will be even more volatile , elusive and difficult to control. You must be careful to avoid being greedy for money. You must pay attention to the above problem as that is the only solution that can increase your fortune this year.  Also in the course of business prospective , this year you must careful while choosing your partners. You should not cooperate with zodiac pig , tiger, snake and monkey people as to prevent the loss of financial losses.

Career luck:  In 2016 , the scholar star and year ruler will be your great allies in your work. Your relationship between colleagues will not be good this year. It is therefore recommended to pay attention to unite friends, avoid being impatient and keeping a low profile. Monkey also have to guard against attacks from the badstabbers at work.
Love luck:  2016 zodiac monkey will feel emotional in their mood. For a married person , you will have emotional instability, fear of a Third Party  and prone to suspicion between husband and wife . You will need to control your emotion and temper this year. For unmarried persons , you need to avoid being blinded by the oppoiste sex and get involved with a married person. In short , your marriage requires careful management and mutual trust in order to preserve the family harmony and stability.
Health luck:  Z odiac Monkey in terms of health is not too favorable. You are prone to bump into things . The elderly and children need to pay more attention to the limbs , bones, lungs and  overall health. Be extra vigilant while dealing with sharp tools or handling cooking at kitchen.



1-150316231415636Year of the Rooster

Year: (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)
People born in the Year of the Rooster will have a rather good year. Due to the auspicious star celestial great one (天乙), and great sun (太陽), you be able to attract positive people to your life.  Due to the inauspicious star like ill fortune star (晦氣), celestial sky  (天空) and solid killing (旳煞), you will experience bumpy career development and have many  complications in life. Star peach blossom (桃花) and broad pool(咸池 ) will cause single people to meet someone the like but it will not be long lasting. This year traders can be more proactively to seize opportunities, and you can do investment.  For the elderly this year is a year of good health but you should pay attention to the lungs and lumbar areas.
Wealth luck:  2016 Rooster zodiac will experience many happy events. If they can they can get the help from dragon , cow and  snake friends for help, will experience more good opportunity and wealth. Overall wealth luck is good but you must remember to spend your money carefully.
Career luck:  This year, you will have more work and opportunities. You must be careful of money cash flow in business. If you wish to look for other better career path, this is the year to do so.
Love luck:  For marriage couples, chicken will get planet Jupiter’s help this year so that the two will live a happy life. Even though, do not be proud too early, because this year’s Lunar New Year chicken peach companion star will be more prosperous . You must communicate more often and to avoid getting moody this year. For singles, this year there will be desirable mate which appear to tie the knot but avoid to be invole in a relationship with zodiac rabbit and dog and to prevent discord in the relationship.
Health luck:  This year, you will not have any major health problem but  you will attend a lot of functions and events this year.  You might not get enough rest and have  imbalanced diet. Be sure to do more medical check ups when necessary.

Year of the Dog

Year: (1946、1958、1970、1982、1994、2006)
In the year of the monkey, you will not have any auspicious star by your side. So this year will not necessarily be smooth sailing, you will face many challenges and difficulties resistance from people.  As long as you stay calm and not act rashly, it will be positive, otherwise it will be complete failure. The inasupicious stars Moon bane(月煞), leopard tail (豹尾 ), mourning gate ( 喪門) and heavenly cry ( 天哭) will cause you some troubles. You must be ready to meet the challenges ahead and have mental preparation in advance. In 2016 , your career and wealth are relatively stable , if given the opportunity to seek development or job promotion , then you should fully display your talent. In addition you will have no beneifict people help you in your life, as well as many inauspicious stars, you will have a direct negative impact on the family home fortune.
Wealth luck:  You must learn to manage your finance wisley this year. Minimize unnecessary expenses , and do not participate in gambling and speculative trading in order to avoid losses. You should be careful of financial management , beware of bankruptcy due to overspending and end up in debts. Refain from becoming a loan gyarantor if possible. Save your money for rainy days.
Career luck:  Do not change your career path this year because of inauspicious star, you will face more problems when you change your career. If this year you have the opportunity to pursue development or job promotion, then you should accept the challenge. Fully display your talent to get approval from your boss. Whether it is for professional development, or career development, both will be very helpful.  For Business, think twice before conducting any business expansion.

Love luck:  You will have some luck in love this year. For singles, you might meet someone special but for married couples, you will need to communicate more and control your emotion in order to resolve conflicts.
Health luck:  Zodiac dog overall health is good this year. The health of the elderly is relatively stable but need to pay attention to the eyes as it will affect the vision.

Year of the Boar

Year: (1947、1959、1971、1983、1995、2007)
Those born in the year of the pig will be marginally clashing with the tasui but this will not cause much damages. In addition to clash with tasui, there are a few auspicious star mainly jade hall (玉堂), great moon (太陰) and earth Dissolution (地解) that will help you to become lucky, so as to survive in the face of adversity. Due to inauspicious star, Dead spirit (亡神), piercing rope (贯索), hook spirit(勾神) and lone star (孤辰), you are advised to seek to protect yourself , not to act rashly , in order to avoid failure. In daily dealing with people , you must keep a low profile this year.   You must also avoid to not commit crimes , or else will face imprisonment. In addition, you must beware of falling into the trap business. The lone star will affect the relationship of married couple so is best to communciate and treat each other well. It is advisable to pray to the god taisui this year.

Wealth luck:  In 2016, the boar encounter the clash of Tai Sui ” so some fortune will be affected. But thanks to the auspicious star, jade hall and great moon, you will gain good wealth luck from others. You must try to save your  money for a rainy day , and do not gamble or  speculate, otherwise you will get into trouble. You must be  careful of financial management and avoid making the slightest mistake so to avoid the danger of bankruptcy .
Career luck:   This will be a smooth sailing and good year for your career. However, you must be particularly vigilant, in addition to hard work , you should also pay attention to improve interpersonal relationships . Work relatively smoothly month is lunar February, May and October , you should take advantage of this opportunity.
Love luck:  You must learn to control your emotion for this year. Whether married or unmarried , you will have some disputes with your other half.  Learn to communicate well with your partner and control your temper.
Health luck:  Zodiac pig must pay attention to your lungs, respiratory system, limbs , blood and kidneys. You must be careful of heavy work pressure and avoid fatigue, especially in the lunar month of March, April , August, September , Novemberand December. Stay positive and go for necessary check up.

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