[ Master Tham astrology Unakite bracelet with directional evil eyes for enhance luck, wealth and emotional well-being]

After the great success of the 9 gem amulets by Master Tham which had received many good reviews by the clients, now is the time to launched another ground breaking astrology items by Master Tham.

The unakite bracelet with the evil eyes which was blessed by Master Tham on the auspicious planets alignment day based on the thai planets astrology subjected which will be suitable for all people to use for good luck, wealth and emotional well-being.

Benefits of the unakite bracelet with evil eyes:

– Fosters healthy relationships through balanced emotions. It encourages harmonious partnerships, both in love and in business, and is especially helpful for working closely with a relative or friend where positive personal interactions are vital.

– Attract abundant of good luck and fortune wealth to the owner and holding wealth as is wore on the hand.
( Highly recommended for people whose wealth come in and flow out fast)

– Helps to grow more profit for business and sales luck whose business is going downhill. This will turn it around and bounce back.

– Unakite Bracelet promotes visualization and encourages psychic vision which enhance your six sense and third eye.
It is known to aid you to develop clairvoyant abilities.

– Unakite bracelet provides a calm, harmonious energy for meditation. They are ideal for grounding and centering at the beginning or ending of a ritual. Unakite is particularly beneficial in meditations for releasing pain and anger and eliminating other obstacles to personal growth, and may be used to open the Third Eye for visualization and psychic vision.

– Evil eyes help to get rid of bad energy, protect against bad stabbers and also bad office politics in working environment.

– Protection against all negative energy and evil spirits. This bracelet with evil eyes will provide all time protection.

and many more.

A beautiful piece to be wore of the hand with the added benefits of the energy.

Best to match it together with the 9 gem amulet.

Special instruction will be provided by master tham on how to use the unakite bracelet for best results.

As per astrological predictions, this is the best amulet to wear for overcome all problems and obstacles in your life’s and the path to seek for higher achievement.

Limited pieces made only. Book yours

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