We are fast approaching the year of the rat where there are more water element . Due to the great success respond to the special 9 gem and unakite stone bracelet from the clients, master tham had created another special bracelet called the silver stone bracelet with evil eyes. One of the best to wear in the water /metal rat year.

Silver stone bracelet is a powerful energy generator and is a very lucky gemstone.
It is known as the stone of wisdom.
Master Tham has blessed the special silver stone bracelet during the auspicious timing and date where the planets alignment are strong in exalted position.

Uses of silver stone bracelet includes:

– Silver stone bracelet may help with finance and prosperity.

– Attract abundant of good luck and fortune wealth to the owner and holding wealth as is wore on the hand.
( Highly recommended for people whose wealth come in and flow out fast)

– Silver stone is a perfect crystal to use for fengshui enhancement in your house.

– Silver stone bracelet is great for increasing telepathic ability.

– Silver stone is suitable for actors, anyone who appears in the media profession or seeking fame. At work It will help you gain recognition.

– Silver stone bracelet with evil eyes help to get rid of all bad energy and bad stabbers on the working environment.

– Help to calm a person temper down and you will feel cooling sensation and peace of mind.

– Evil eyes help to get rid of bad energy, protect against bad stabbers and also bad office politics in working environment.

– Protection against all negative energy and evil spirits. This bracelet with evil eyes will provide all time protection.

and many more.

A best match to wear with the special unakite stone bracelet

Special instruction will be provided by master tham on how to use the silver stone bracelet for best results.

As per astrological predictions, this is the best amulet to wear for overcome all problems and obstacles in your life’s and the path to seek for higher achievement.

Wearing this is the symbol of uniqueness
You are not like everyone one else.

Limited pieces made only. Book yours Now.

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