Fengshui Tips: 6 ways to prevent badstabbers,unnecessary gossip and politics n life.

by master tham

It’s coming to the end of the year and for the coming new year, it is extremely important to adjust your Feng Shui in your personal work space or home in order to help you to get recognition and increase your promotion opportunity and also cure and prevent the bad one that will bring you backstabbing, gossip,politics and anything that can cause unhappiness.

It is highly disappointing that a backstabber pretends to be your best buddy, only to turn around and betray you, spreading lies and hurtful gossip. Some may be good friends for years and then change dramatically in certain circumstances.

or a colleague who always spread lies and gossip about your work performance to your boss who in turn delay your promotion opportunity. People in most of the office who back stab you in order to achieve their ultimate motive

Here are 6 ways using fengshui rememdies to get rid of all these unwanted badstabbers in life.

1) Always have back support

Avoid sitting on the office table or study table without any back support. In fengshui terms, it means you do not have any ‘kao shan’, meaning a supporting mountain. It also symbolize no support and attract backstabber, so remember to watch your back. Sit on a chair that has a wall at the back for support. This fengshui theory also applies to your sleeping bed, make sure it has support too.
2) Place a small pot of cactus flower

If you are a victim of office politics, place a small pot of cactus flower at the office table to prick away all unwanted shar energy, gossips and rumors.
3) Use the powerful 5 or 9 emperor coin

Hang or carry the wu di coin (5 chinese emperor coin) or 9 emperor coins in the office table or home to repel all unwanted shar energy which will leans to gossip and bad stabbing. The 5 Emperor Coins is a symbol of support from colleagues and upper management. Hanging behind your seat represents support from the five Emperors.


4) Dress less dark colour clothing ,build good relationships with everyone around you

Sometimes too dark colour clothing seem to give people the impression that you are negative, aloof and unapproachable. Bright clothing seem to produce more yang energy in aura which naturally attract people to you. Know which is your favourable colour from your date of birth. Try to be friendly and positive, even when dealing with people you don’t know. They will have lower chance to hold a grudge against you.
5) Exhaust the quarrelsome flying star number 3

Every year, the anuual flying star will have the Number 3 green star (Lu cun xing ) which will cause quarrel, fighting and gossips in your life. The natural element of the number 3 star is wood. In year 2016, it had moved to the north west sector of the house. Find out which is the north west sector of the house and place a red lamp shinning on that spot to exhaust the energy of the quarrelsome star. Avoid putting any water features at the north west sector of the house this year.


6) Balance your 5 elements in life.

From analysing using your date of birth, find out from the 5 elements ( metal, wood, water, fire, earth)  which is your favourable element to support your luck to prevent badstabbers. Example if you are a person who have too much fire element and lack of water element, it will be good to sit or sleep in the north direction of the house as that direction symbolizes water. Enhancement of element can also be done by wearing certain crystals and accessories.


Sometimes, it is inevitable to face badstabbers or hypocritical people in life. By using the 6 ways which i shared with you, hope your life will be smooth sailing and be able to possess the power to drive off all badstabbers.

Stay strong, live true, love life.


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