Fengshui can be applied to all races and religion

Done a fengshui audit for an indian family today. This is not the first case as i have done fengshui for Americans , Indian , Eurasian muslim and even catholic family before. This shows that fengshui can be applied to all home and living/ working environment regardless of race, language and religion. The main function of fengshui is to maintain a balance of energy in your home, the five element( fire, water , earth, metal and wood) should work in harmony. When these element are working together, they will promote a happy, healthy and wealthy home. It doesn’t matters what race or religion you are in as fengshui is science and energy. So far the house gives me a good vibe and is facing in a good direction.

With my professional fengshui audit, hope the owner and family will enjoy good success, good luck and prosperity very soon.

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