Why are humans born in this world and what is the purpose of being born in this world? These are all the big questions which many people seek to know the answers. Using Astrology reading, this questions can be answered from your personal astrology chart , past karma and current purpose. I had personally done… Read More

Finding the right car to enhance your element luck in Fengshui by Master Tham Ever think of purchasing a  a new car but stuck in making a decision on which car to buy? Now you can buy your dream vechicle according to your fengshui element (Fire, earth, gold, water, wood) and using the car to… Read More

        Greats news. Master Tham will be feature in the upcoming magazine fengshui legends and will be featuring the interesting articles on how to increase your wealth and financial luck during the ecomonic downfall. Inside will have many fengshui tips on how to enhance your wealth luck.   Get this magazine now… Read More

    Year of 2016 is coming, Master Tham will give you sign posts with the future predictions 2016 that  will help you increase your own psychic capabilities in order to live a more balanced and happy life. By obtaining more insights into yourself you will discover who you really are. Know yourself and make… Read More

Chinese Ghost Month Taboo For this year, the start of the chinese hungry ghost month which will begin on 1st August 2019 and end on the 29 Aug 2019. The Chinese ghost month or commonly known as the Hungry Ghost festival falls on the 7th Month of the chinese lunar calendar. At this time, the… Read More