Different people have different beliefs and religion in their personal lives. Setting up of altar placement is of paramount importance as this is part of the ancient Chinese Practices.

Proper placement of the Altar in the house or working environment will ensure that the deities will protect and give prosperity and harmony for the occupants of the house. Over the years, I had done many fengshui audit regarding placement of altar in the house or working premises. It is important that the Buddha and god must be placed in the correct hierarchy. (Ex: Phra sorthorn, Phra putta chinnara or any big buddha must be placed in the centre top follow by lower level of god/goddess or monk)

Proper measurement must be taken and placed in the auspicious position and facing for both the god and ancestor altar as the wrong alignment for the god/goddess will affect the male occupants of the house and the ancestors shrine will affect the female occupants instead.

So it is importance to pick an auspicious date to move in and set up the altar and also invite the buddha/god to sit in the altar in the correct facing and position to enjoy the blessing.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to observe when setting up of altar

  1. Altar must be placed at a quiet and clean sector. It is best advisable to placed in the living room facing the main door, balcony or window. (proper measurement must be taken by a qualified fengshui master)
  2. Altar must be placed at the bright, auspicious and positive qi area for tapping into the positive energy of the house or working environment.
  3. Altar must not be placed under an overhead beam. It will cause loss of wealth and problem for the occupants.
  4. Altar must not be placed at the wall where the backing behind is the toilet or kitchen stove.
  5. Altar must not place facing the toilet door, kitchen door or bedroom door.
  6. An aquarium (fish tank) should not be placed under the altar or near the altar as there is a “water-fire” clash between the aquarium and the altar (fire)
  7. The top level of the god/goddess statue should be around the worshippers head and not lower then the mouth as this will suggest disrespect for the deities.
  8. Ensure that your altar is supported by a solid wall for backing mountain.
  9. The altar must not be placed opposite a mirror as it will become double reflection and will affect the health and harmony for the family.
  10. Buddha pendants can be placed in the altar temple but must be in a tidy manner.

Most important is to keep the altar clean and tidy so as it doesn’t become overly crowded and dusty. Dust it regularly, take away offerings or flower that have become stale. Always keep clutter away from altars. The energy will therefore become very positive when praying to the buddha or god.

For more enquires on ways and placement of altars for your Buddha/god, do drop me email: mastertham@astrologylife.net

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