Master Tham – Astrologer And Fengshui Consultant

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Master Tham is well verse in the knowledge of traditional thai ancient astrology method and ancient fengshui studies.  He offers a comprehensive and extensive range of consultation services to suit individual needs of clients. Master tham was obsessed with learning about astrology using thai subject.

He was someone who was always interested in the thai culture and religious ways. In his deep studies in thai astrology, he had learned the subject of thai astrology from master archan patana in Thailand. Archan patana was the teacher of the famous archan lak funtong. Master tham became  an expert  in the art of astrology under the guidance of master Archan patana.  He become someone who understand the deep studies of all the heavenly planets and stars.

Using Thai ancient subject for forecast astrology reading using planets in the universal. 1 year reading or more. The ability of the powerful master who can read a person charater, past and present accurately by reading from a person’s date of birth and time of birth. This will also be based on six sense clairvoyance ability of the master to determine and see the fate of the person.

Master Tham was also well verse in the studies of fengshui.  He refined his craft and learned from various grand master of fengshui from Hongkong and China. The fengshui subject that he applied to use includes Xuan kong flying star, Ba Zai , 紫白飞星,九宫飞佈 and other traditional fengshui practice.

As master tham saw cases of client who had improve in their life through the consultations, he realised that feng shui does alleviate the misfortunes of people. He based his fengshui approach with his intuitive ability, objective approach in his consultation works and broad integration of various classical feng shui theories.

That is why he is very passionate in the art of Fengshui. Determine to understand the true essence if fengshui, there are days where he studies traditional fengshui books  over and over again till the lack of sleep for a few days or more.

Till today he continues to upgrade his skills through self-study and hands-on experiences he learned through his fengshui audits.

Master Tham services includes:

Analysis Services Of:

– Annual Fortune

– Financial Fortune for the year.

– Marriage Compatibility.

– Career Development Potential.

– Business Opportunities and Development Potential.

– Problem solving and forecast event using leafs

– Household Fortune for Fengshui

– Date of selection for marriage, opening shop or moving house.

– Fengshui consultation for home and shop houses.

And more…

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