5 Special methods to increase your financial wealth, speculation and windfall luck.

by Master Tham

In all aspects of financial statues of all human being, some people are destined to have wealth from work, business or career and there are a fraction of the few lucky people who have wealth obtained from unexpected windfall luck. Windfall luck refers to winning in gambling, lottery, speculation, lucky draw or wealth which came from unexpected sources. It isn’t hard to explain why some people always pick and win in lucky draws and they tend to have more success rate in winning in gambling then losing. You might have personally witness a special friend around you who can just bet on any random number and still won the lottery very often.


Windfall luck are destined in life, but it can be enhanced and boost up in anybody’s life using the following methods:

1) Seek for houses or working environments which at the southeast or southwest sector, you will be able to view a seaside, lake, river, fountain or pond. Having water at these direction will bring in more windfall luck energy for the personal staying or working at the places. Flowing water represents money in Fengshui.


2) Place a Fengshui fish tank aquarium in the houses auspicious sector. This will enhance the positive flow of energy and it will being good fortune, wealth and abundance to the family members. With the correct placement, the aquarium is a perfect combination of harmony and wealth.

3) Place the big leave Fengshui money plant at the wealth sector of the house to represent good income, good windfall luck and overall prosperity. This will also enhance the qi flow in the house.

4) Create the bagua 8 direction wealth fetching money bag. Find a red color small pouch/bag and paste or draw the bagua yinyang image at the bag. Place the following auspicious items ( Yellow beans, black beans, green beans, red beans and rice grains) all in small portion and mixed together inside the bag. Secure and tie the ends with a red string and during the auspicious day, hang it at the top of the main door entrances at your house or offices.  A perfect combination qi energy of human walking in and out of the door plus wind blowing will create wealth and fortune into the house or offices. Remember that the wealth fetching money bag must be changed to a new one every year.

5) Miniature wealth fetching ships are wonderful symbols of wealth attainment. It is best to fill the ship with loads of genuine gold coins. Important point to take note is to point the mass towards the interior of your home and not facing a door or window. This may lead to your wealth sailing away! It is best to face the ships towards the Sheng qi direction of the owner for strong attainment of wealth and windfall luck. Sheng qi sector is derived from the 8 mansion theory. Each individual will have his or her own auspicious directions based on the personal Kua Number formulated by 8 Mansions theory. (Email Master Tham for enquires on your personal kua number and sheng qi direction)

These methods are powerful to implement, so don’t hesitate to make sure to use them to improve your windfall luck and success!!!


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