The popular 5 copper ancient coin, wu di coin 五帝钱 was widely used in many fengshui purposes  and religious ritual.

The wu di coin exactly represent the Five Qing Emperors in the Qing Dynasty.
-The First Emperor of Qing Dynasty: Emperor Shun Zhi (清朝開朝皇帝順治)

-The Second Emperor of Qing Dynasty: Emperor Kang Xi (康熙皇帝)

-The Third Emperor of Qing Dynasty: Emperor Yong Zheng (雍正皇帝)

-The Fourth Emperor of Qing Dynasty: Emperor Qian Long (乾隆皇帝)

-The Fifth Emperor of Qing Dynasty: Emperor Jia Qing (嘉慶皇帝)


During the ruling of the era of the 5 emperor, China enjoy stability, prosperity and wealth. Many commoners were able to enjoy and lead a stable life.Because of all these reasons, the five coins representing the five Qing emperors are being used to make the 5 combination to ward off negative entities.
It was said that this 5 coins possessed very strong energy and can be used for ware off evil and negative shar energy.



(Blessing and opening power of Wu Di Coins)



In fengshui studies, wu di coin are widely use for wearying off shar energy and also an auspicious object. Reason wise is first off , it has strong energy due to combination of heaven and earth natural energy.Secondly, it looks like an antique piece of art. Thirdly it is simple and easy to use.
The cirle of the wu di coin represent heaven, the inner square represent earth, the inner emperor name represent all heavent ,earth, human combination. It has the power to change fate and turn negative to positive.



Wu di coin can be used for the following fengshui remedies:
1) Main door facing staircase, causing lost of wealth and debts.(Place wu di coin before the exit of the door)
2) Main door facing the elevator, lost of wealth and conflict with people.
3) Main door facing the sharpe edges of the building, causing accident and illness.
4) Main door facing a road bend or a direct facing of the road leading straight to the door.
5) Bedroom door facing the kitchen door, causing accident,illness, quarrels and conflicts.
6) Bedroom door facing another bedroom door, causing conflicts and fighting.
7) Bedroom door facing the toilet door, causing illness and sickness.
8) Placing the wu di coin in the safe box for fetching wealth and good luck.
9) Wearing the wu di coin as a pendant for blocking negative energy, repel evil, block bad stabbers and fetching of wealth.

Although wu di coin already possessed natural heaven energy, it must be properly cleanse and blessed with the natural energies (开光)to enhance its power so it will be able to reach it maximum effectiveness.

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