During my Fengshui audit consultation for people in the offices and houses, many people love to ask me if it is ok to worship Phra Prom
in the house or office for good luck and career.  As I am a believer and worshipper of the great 4 face Buddha, it is advisable to worship
the great brahma in the house but it must be sited at the correct position and there are certain rituals to follow for placing and
praying of the brahma.

So far I have set up and invited the four face brahma statue for some of my client and had good feedback after praying to it.


Here are some background info of the four faced brahma Phra Prom.
Four faced brahma, the god who can fulfilled and grant all wishes of the devotees is a very popular god
which draws both local and ‘international’ devotees as wells as tourists in Thailand.
The feature of Great Brahma was a God with 4 faces and 4 pair of hands. Many people knew him as the 4-face Buddha.
In fact in the record of Buddhist literature, he belongs to the class of God and not Buddha.
Many well-knowed celebrities from Hongkong , Taiwan or Singapore will travel often to Thailand to pray to the great braham for its blessing.
Worshipers of the god usually offer incense, candles, jasmine flowers or jasmine garlands and young coconut milk.
You may also offer wooden elephant statues on the altar to honor him.
Front side: Business and career
Going clockwise 1st represent : Relationship and interpersonal
Back side: wealth, speculative luck.
Anticlockwise the last represent: Wisdom, health, protection, problems with the law
The braham has many religious items held on his posture of his hand
Each religious item significance was interpreted as follow:
1) Book:              Represents knowledge
2) Bead:              Represents Control Karma
3) Spear Stick:    Represents will power
4) Flower Vase:   Represents blessing water (all requests are fulfilled)
5) Conch Shell:   Represents offer of wealth
6) Mystic position of hand placed on chest:  Represents offering compassion
7) Flying wheel:  Represents clearing of disaster and calamities, suppress evil, release all gloominess and worries; Cakka
8) Cinta Mani:     Represents Almighty power of Buddha.
Inviting the Phra Prom into the house requires careful planning and correct Fengshui bearing to place him in the most auspicious direction.
Main facing of the Phra prom must be facing a good i ching gua bearing which represents good luck and prosperity
The placing of the god on the altar must be selected on an auspicious day and timing which does not clash with the sitting direction of the house and also the date of birth of the occupants.
Special offering including flowers and fruits must be made to invite the god to the house on the day itself with mantra chanting and special prayers.
The  common advise is to place the Phra Prom out in the open balcony where it can face the four direction.
Some of my client ask me if their houses is able to place the four face Buddha at the main altar which are only able to face 3 direction with the altar back support behind.
Based on my understanding and years of experiences, the four face Buddha can be placed on the main altar but with a small round mirror behind the back so the god is able the back reflection also.
Worshipping in this way can protect the house from danger and dispute the bad energy also.
People whose date of birth is in need of the gold element can pray to the four face Buddha as it represent gold in the 5 elements.
Phra Prom represent the wealth god which can fulfill the person wishes very fast but worshipers  have to make good on any promises made to the deity.
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Pray to him sincerely, do more donation and you will also receive the brahma blessing, given the number of its devotee or worshippers who had also attests to the power of the Four Faced Buddha.
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