Started the message today but having a low spirit and grieve emotion as realised that yesterday afternoon, one of my close uncle had passed away due to an accident ( slip and fall) followed by an heart attack which suddenly ended his life.

Uncle james was someone who took care of me when i was a young boy and also someone who had watched me grew up to become who i am today. Every year, during Chinese new year, he would invited all family members over and cooked for everyone to eat a sumptuous meal.There was always laughter and joy during this gathering.

For Uncle james, he is someone i saw who had went through a lot of ups and downs in his life but yet maintain himself to have a positive and simple life, I just felt sadness and pain for a significant loss of a love one.

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I just came to realised that Life is short and we may just go oneday without knowing it. Life is unpredictable and dealth is inevitable.

During many years of doing fortune astrology for helping people in my life, i came across Astrology chart of some client who doesn’t show respect and love for their parents or elders.I just commented to them to show more care and concern for their parents and loves one as in thai tradition, your parents blessing to you are more important then any other amulets u wear who protect you. Do not ever wait till oneday your parents leave you and you regret not saying how much you miss or love them.

(As a rule of thumb in Thai astrology, even if we know when the parents are going to pass away in the astrology forecast, we are not allow to say it to the clients. We can only hint.)

During Astrology forecast, many clients always ask me how to increase their finanical income, increase their luck, enhance their relationship with their spouses etc. I commented to them that your most important main priority is your own health and safety in life. Without a healthy life, if you can’t live on , everything else doesn’t matters. What good will it benefit you if i gave u a few million dollars but you don’t have the life to spend it. Life is short and you doesn’t need a near death experience to realise that.

Questions to reflect for your everyday life:
– How can i add more value to my love ones /parents today?
– What positive words can i say to my love ones/parents today?
– How can i show graitiude to my love ones/parents today?

We need to be reminded that life’s too short to spend on doing work that you hate. Life’s too short to hold grudges against people we love. Life’s too short not to see the wonders of the world and Life’s too short to not live life to the fullest.

To my beloved Uncle james, may you go to a better paradise in another world. Rest in peace as you will not be forgotten.
Uncle 希望你一路好走。

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