Why are humans born in this world and what is the purpose of being born in this world?
These are all the big questions which many people seek to know the answers.
Using Astrology reading, this questions can be answered from your personal astrology chart , past karma and current purpose.
I had personally done astrology reading for a lot of clients over the years and came to know that astrology and good advices can help a person have drastic transformation in their life’s and overall well being.
Some people ask me what is the purpose of doing Astrology.
Base on years of experiences, this are the few answers which you can obtain from Astrology reading.
1) Who do you want to be and meant to achieve?
It is only by knowing yourself, your character, strengths and weakness, how you think and how you behave , that you can fully know who you wish to be in life. (Career, family and even aspirations)
Furthermore, getting to know yourself better will also enable you to select the most appropriate career and people to help you decide who you want to be and to help you to get there.
2) What are your fate and luck cycle in life?
What are the big events that you will encounter in this life. Why is it that there are always obstacles in life that tests us? (Ex: karma blockage or personal issues). When you will the big luck cycle arrives and how to seize the opportunity.
How to avoid misfortune or bad events from happening in your life.
3) How is your interpersonal, love relationship and marriage related issues in life?
Your Astrology chart will tell you what kind of people you will met, including your soulmate and what you will benefit and learn from your other half(wife/husband). Who are you good friends and enemies? Get to know yourself and have more joy, fulfilment, contentment, love, excitement and compassion in your relationship with your friends, family and soulmates.
Keep yourself connected in the real world.
Base on a good astrology reading, you will be able to seek and obtain the meaningful advise for heading in the right direction and future endeavours.
Make huge strides in your life with guidance from Thai Astrology.

Online Astrology is available now for overseas clients.

Now you can have you detail report and life question answer by Master Tham even when you are overseas or simply not free to drop by for an personal consultation. In your house or anywhere in the world, you can receive your astrology report and  receive higher guidance. Just book an appointment and provide your name , date of birth and time of birth and also the questions you wish to receive guidance from.
Information needed:
⦁ Name given in birth
⦁ Date of Birth details (Solar/English calendar) including time of birth
⦁ Country of birth
A detail report will be provided for your references and sent to your email.
Astrology reading can also be done through WhatsApp, line or phone call also.

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