Selecting an ideal fengshui home for enhance the overall luck,prosperity, fortune and health of the family.

By Master Tham

If you are thinking of selecting an ideal  HDB , condo or terraced house for yourself, here are a few important point of fengshui to take note with regards to the property.
It is always said that Prevention is better than cure – so it is always better to undertake a Feng Shui consultation of your property prior to buying a house. Here are a few tips and important point to take note while hunting for your dream house


Feng Shui – The Environments

Your immediate environment exerts the largest influence in the overall Feng Shui of your home – where you are Located is one of the key factors to consider when buying a new home. Make sure the house is not facing the entrance of a police station, hospital, temple , church or fire station.

These will produce strong shar energy depending on different building and their nature. Example: hospital is where many sick people will go and will have yin qi energy in it which indirectly it produces a invisible form of negative shar energy.

Also look for surrounding shar qi like a 3 way junction leading to the house or many other poison shar from other landform building.

Houses facing this landform will need special method to exhaust or prevent the shar.

Do not select an house where there it is facing a slope downWards. This occurs when your house is facing a piece of land not entirely level. In Feng Shui, as we well know, the front of a building represents the area occupied by the Phoenix, bringer of fortune and opportunities. When the open area, such as your courtyard or road, slopes downwards away from the house, then beneficial qi could easily roll away from your house.

Most often this occurs to houses built on slopes, with a road going downhill right outside the main door. Often, such formations result in qi rushing downhill without stopping to collect and meander outside the main door. This translates to a lot of missed opportunities for the occupants.


The House Selection Criteria

– The door of the house should never face directly at the lift door or any staircase. If not the family staying in this house would never be “peaceful” with arguments, people always finding faults with them for nothing and wealth earn will go down the drain. I have heard of one case where the tenant stay at the condo which the main door is directly facing the fire exit staircase leading down. She told me that ever since she stay in the house, her business ended, declared bankruptcy and end up in debts. You can called it fengshui factors or coincident, but it was really unfortunate for her case.

– The house should be bright and have sunlight shinning into the dinning hall as a bright house usually has more yang energy

-The kitchen should also be bright when you step into it. It should also be well ventilated so that the flow of Qi is smooth.

– Main door should not be facing the kitchen doll as this may lead to sickness and health problem to the tenant.

– The door of any room in the house should not be facing directly at any mirrors as this may leads to sickness and bad luck.mirrors can cause as much harm as good if incorrectly used.

– The door of one bedroom should not be facing with another door of the another bedroom as this may leads to conflict and quarreling among the two occupants.

– The kitchen door should not be facing the bathroom door. This is called clash of fire and water. One of the most important rules of fengshui. Breaking this rules Will leads to bad conflict and sickness of health.

Mountains at the back and Water in Front

In the period of 8, it is good to have mountains or tall landform at the back of the house at northeast sector and a water feature or a lake at the front at south west sector. This really depends on the overall structure of your landform. Sometimes it can actually be better to face a good mountain to receive Qi directly from the dragon veins.

It is highly advisable to undertake a Feng Shui consultation of your property prior to buying a house as the a good fengshui house will really enhance the overall luck, fame, health and fortune of the whole family.

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