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Ways to increase your financial luck during the ecomonic downfall. by Master Tham In the midst of a global recession that saw the China stock market crash and oil prices remain low, several industries in Singapore had to struggle harder to get through the year. Economic Data Shows Patterns Similar to Right Before the Last… Read More

12 chinese zodiac astrology Prediction for 2016 by Master Tham Welcome to the year 2016 , 2016 is the Chinese Year of the Monkey. This year belongs to the element Fire. Based on the stars movement in the sky, Master Tham had predicted about your health, wealth, love, career and much more in 2016 for… Read More

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(Thai Astrology chart of Brad Pitt)   Thai Astrology forecast of Brad Pitt By master Tham William Bradley “Brad” Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and producer. He has received a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and three Academy Award  nominations in acting categories, and received two further Academy Award… Read More

    Elephant is the symbol of good fortune, protection, wisdom, strength sucess, fertility and good luck. The Chinese pronunciation of the elephant’s name is “Hsiang” which means good revenue and prosperity, therefore it is auspicious to be placed both at home and in office. When placed at home, it is signifies the luck of… Read More

The popular 5 copper ancient coin, wu di coin 五帝钱 was widely used in many fengshui purposes  and religious ritual. The wu di coin exactly represent the Five Qing Emperors in the Qing Dynasty. -The First Emperor of Qing Dynasty: Emperor Shun Zhi (清朝開朝皇帝順治) -The Second Emperor of Qing Dynasty: Emperor Kang Xi (康熙皇帝) -The… Read More

In thai astrology, there are also the daily devas or heaven deities. Sunday: Phra Athit (also Aditaya or Suriya), the Sun, the god of light, is seated on his chariot of seven skyhorses driven by his rider, Phra Arun. If you have visited Wat Arun in Bangkok you might already know that the translation for… Read More