Master Tham, the specialist subject of Thai astrology  which he had learned and study the art for many years under the great Archan patana who had groom many great astrologer in Thailand including the great Archan lak funtong.
Master Tham is able to see your Past, Present and your Future.
Sometimes you will really need a good advice and solution to your life dilemmas and problems.

Thai astrology is about understanding yourself. By acknowledging and accepting who you are, you can exploit our strengths and downplay our weaknesses. It is knowing your future, charting the course to go all out when the wind is riding in your favour and lay low when the when it is not. Through thai astrology, you be able to know when luck is not on our side the more reason that we should avoid making rash decisions that makes our life even tougher! All in all it is important to keep a positive attitude even when the road is dark.
When luck is good, how to seek the opportunity and grab your chance to accelerate in life and wealth.


Benefits of Thai astrology Fortune reading
⦁ A deep understanding about yourself is the starting point to succeed in what you do. An individual who understand their traits, passion and talents improve their chances to do well in life and achieve goals.
⦁ Thai astrology chart Birth Configuration classification, generic personality traits, characteristics, strengths & weaknesses.
⦁ Elaborate Personality Traits, the key to alter your Destiny.
⦁ Personality match with Career, general direction, business industry and type.
⦁ Your wealth, how to settle problems regarding financial issue.
⦁ Your Relationships, who can help you better.
⦁ Your guai ren. People who can support you.
⦁ Identify the golden period of your life, when you can go full force out in life.
⦁ Compatible business partner if you intend to start your own business.
⦁ Your education level, if you will reach that achievement level.
⦁ Your benefactor, Overseas business opportunities.
⦁ How to overcome your financial crisis.
⦁ Your lucky and unlucky color, which color suits you.
⦁ Your best timing which months, time slot to ask for promotion, career switch, major decisions in life.
⦁ Your life tips to improve your luck and get rid of all misfortunes.
⦁ The turning points of your life. If bad which are the years to look out for.
⦁ When you will met your soulmate and also when you will get married in life.
⦁ Your  strengths/weaknesses, marriage inclination and your future trend example career path to take in the future.

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