Time to welcome the upcoming rooster year for Year 2017
Master Tham will give you sign posts with the future predictions of 2017 that will help you increase your love luck, financial luck, career luck, wealth and health in order to live a more balanced and happy life.
According to Master Tham Thai astrology predictions for year 2017 for the world, many industrial will face some challenges in terms of the dropping economic Statistics.
It’s the year which is hard to gather money and obtain money from profit. During the effect of the economy, people’s state of mind will be affected. People must maintain a  clear state of mind and remain calm. Do not be affected, remember to think clearly before making any major decisions.
So it is upmost important to know your forecast astrology and destiny for year 2017 in order to prevent any unfortunately things from happening.
By obtaining more insights into yourself you will discover who you really are. Know yourself and make use
of your true potential With the right mindset you can overcome challenges easier and you will enjoy the good moments
as well with more peace of mind.
For those who have already seen forecast before with Master Tham and had gotten good advices, now is the time to book appointment for your 2017 forecast.
Through the indepth astrology and forecast using the ancient Thai astrology method by Master Tham, you will be able to seek the answers from the following questions:
– How do I increase my wealth luck for 2017?
– How to increase my interpersonal luck for a smooth sailing year?
– Why am I unable to save money in my bank and how to solve it?
– How do I keep my job and not be affected by the economy and face retrenchment in 2017?
– How should I cope with money and investments in 2017?
– What choice should I make regarding my job in 2017?
– What kind of job is suitable for me according to my astrology chart?
– Who is my benefactor and able to help me in financial and career advancement?
– How will my (love) relationship look like in 2017?
– Will i be able to met my soulmate mate in 2017?
– How to save back my marriage and relationship in 2017?
– How to improve my relationship with my bosses, colleagues and friends in 2017?
– How to improve my health and avoid any accidents in year 2017?
and more….

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PS: Please book an advance appointment due to hectic schedule. (Sometimes it is hard to do forecast for walk in crowd as I might be busy)
Overseas Clients:
Now you can have you detail report and life question answer by Master Tham even when you are overseas
or simply not free to drop by for an personal consultation. In your house or anywhere in the world,
you can receive your astrology report and  receive higher guidance.
Just book an appointment and provide your name , date of birth and time of birth and also the questions you wish to receive guidance from.
Information needed:
⦁ Name given in birth
⦁ Date of Birth details (Solar/English calendar) including time of birth
⦁ Country of birth
A detail report will be provided for your references and sent to your email.
Astrology reading can also be done through WhatsApp, line or phone call also.

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Wishing you success and good luck for year 2017

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Master Tham

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