Fengshui Goals and Purposes

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 5,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

In other words, Feng Shui is about understanding the energy of land forms and waterways, based on their shapes, sizes and relative positions, as to how they will affect the people living on the land and in the buildings.

The main purpose of Feng Shui is to situate the human built environment and tap on spots with good ‘Qi’. Qi means breathe or air in Chinese, literally. In Feng Shui, a ‘perfect spot” requires the presence of good ‘Qi’ . Qi is something invisible but you can feel it and it exists. Qi is a movable positive or negative life force which plays an essential role in Feng shui.

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“Qi refers to ‘energy. There are two types of Qi, namely Sheng Qi (Living Qi or good Qi or positive energy) and Sha Qi (Killing Qi or bad Qi or negative energy). In Feng Shui, we want to live in a place with plenty of Sheng Qi and to avoid places or offending structures that generate Sha Qi,”

When there is life form on earth, Qi exists in the surrounding atmosphere. More technically, mountains are known as dragons and the Qi is the dragons’ breathe. For a layman, Qi is something that supports

We benefit from tapping into the good Qi by orienting buildings in a particular direction, design gardens and entrances in a positive way, so that the Qi can flow through to all rooms to stimulate specific aspects in an individual’s life.

“A good Feng Shui taps into the surrounding natural Qi (natural energy). This means we can harness the good Qi through the power of Mother Nature. An office building that sits strategically in a location that sucks in Qi and keeps it, offers good vibes for its business. And Feng Shui is not about placing objects here and there. The Classical Feng Shui takes into account of the aspects of environment, building, time and people, without the need for lucky charms. Feng Shui is about striking the harmony and balance between people and their environment.

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The design of a building that opens  upt the entrance to receive the good Qi suggests long-term sustainability. In Feng Shui, an optimum location is governed by the presence of the good Qi from its natural environment and how good can a building prevent it from escaping.

In Feng Shui terms, main door is one of the most importants reference factors. This is simply because main door is the mouth of a property such as a house or office, which allows the Qi to enter. There is a saying in chinese, 入房看门口,祸福知八九.  A good main door must tap into the positive Qi from the environment that surrounds it and not facing any Shar qi.

Landscape , the age of completion and structure of building can affect the Fengshui of the building at the overall view.

For example, if a location is extremely windy, when you open the window and the string wind cause the door to shut by itself, this indicates the Qi is easily dispersed and too strong ,so it is not a very good location.

At the absolute basic level of selecting land or property, you need to look for the features of two important point which is mountain and water. If you find the area that you are considering has no mountains and no water, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere! But for very flat or apartment areas, you need to use virtual mountain or virtual water to replace the natural one. Example of Virtual mountain tall buildings, virtual water as water fountains.

Once the surrounding environment is correct, the internal layout of the house must be design to be able to tap in good Qi from the environment and circulate throughout the house so it will benefit the occupants.

The idea is to make the area feel as prosperous and energetic as possible.

That being said, Now you can check and ask yourself. So, how is your office or house Feng Shui? Do you think you might be on the right track of positive Qi for success and good luck?

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