Elephant is the symbol of good fortune, protection, wisdom, strength sucess, fertility and good luck.
The Chinese pronunciation of the elephant’s name is “Hsiang” which means good revenue and prosperity, therefore it is auspicious to be placed both at home and in office. When placed at home, it is signifies the luck of having all your aspirations granted and it’s an excellent Feng Shui symbol for granting descendants’ luck to household. Whereas placing it in the office symbolizes success at work, and the potential for growth of business. In Chinese art, the elephant is a symbol of wisdom and strength. Elephant is also considered as a sacred animal in Buddhist traditions. Buddha is often depicted riding an elephant. This magnificent creatures are also regarded as auspicious figures in Thailand.
In fengshui terms, elephant can be use for sucking water. Water symbolize wealth so it means the elephant is able to suck wealth into the home or office.
The elephants are usually described with the trunk up which symbolizes the sucking of good fortune and success. Elephants with their trunks raised in a trumpeting effect and standing on their rear legs are excellent symbols of protection and power. For trunk down , it can be used for love,fertility, friendship or protection. The elephant with trunk down is good for accumulates chi or energy and it will also be ble to overcome various obstacles.




(Opening power for elephant)



It is advisable to check the direction where you placed the elephants is it consider as auspicious for sucking water.
For example in the period of 8 , in the direction of southwest it is auspicious to see water in that direction (river, swimming pool, seaside, fountain, etc)
So a pair of wealth sucking elephant can be placed facing southwest to symbolize sucking water into the house for good luck and wealth.




The Pair of elephant can be used for the following fengshui enhancement:
1. Elephant as Fertility Feng Shui purpose: One of the most popular Feng Shui symbol for Fertility cure is to display elephant images beside your bed. At the same times it promotes love and faithfulness between couples. If you are using the elephant images as Fertility Feng Shui cure, then it is advisable to choose an elephant with intertwined trunk or trunk down.
For those who want to have child or more children you can place elephant statues in your bedroom, beside your bed or close to your bedroom entrance leading towards the bedroom. A statue or a group of seven elephants can be used in the bedroom as that symbolizes fertility and the number seven represents children in feng shui.

2. Elephant as Protection Feng Shui purpose: Placing a pair of elephant statues at the front door (placed outside) and facing outward to bring protection and stability to the household. It can also bring good luck, strength and wealth to the household.

3. Elephant as Good Luck wealth fetching purposes:  For this specific Feng Shui application, you should always have the elephants with the trunk up, which allows the lucky Chi or good energy to be dispersed throughout the household. It can be display facing out the windows in the favourable direction. Display the elephants with trunk up and facing inward (if place inside) to attract good fortune, prosperity and success luck. You can impose the same method above in your work place or office. Place a pair of Feng Shui Elephants on your work desk facing out to bring strength, career luck and success in businesses to you.

4. Elephant for enhance Wisdom and Knowledge: The elephant is one of the sacred animals in Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as often depicted in Asian mythology. This symbol can be used in your child’s study desk or your home work desk as well as generally in the living room to activate the energies of study, knowledge and academic success to children. Most of all, elephants emit an energy of kindness and strength, and there is no home that cannot benefit from this magnificence energy! It is wisely to choose the elephants with trunk downward for this Feng Shui cure. In Chinese art, the elephant is a symbol of wisdom and strength. Elephant is also considered as a sacred animal in Buddhist traditions.

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