Welcome with grace the year of the Rat for the new year 2020. This is the year of the Yang metal Rat. Based on the stars movement in the sky, Master Tham had predicted about your health, wealth, love, career and much more in 2020 for the 12 Chinese zodiac. As the new year is… Read More

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Welcome to the year of the pig,Those who enjoy the good effect of year 2018 after the astrology session, now is the time for the forecast of the upcoming year 2019 for the year of the pig. Preparation is the key to success!!!Seize the opportunity by knowing which month is the luckiest period. Master Tham… Read More

Different people have different beliefs and religion in their personal lives. Setting up of altar placement is of paramount importance as this is part of the ancient Chinese Practices. Proper placement of the Altar in the house or working environment will ensure that the deities will protect and give prosperity and harmony for the occupants… Read More

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Thai astrology can decode the Wealth financial Code – the timing & method to make the material & financial gains for an individual base on his astrology chart. Through years of research studies from thousands of charts, Master Tham can analyse your wealth accumulation power and the timing when your Wealth financial Code gets activated.… Read More

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